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Is this the beginning of the end for Albert Haynesworthless. Can you say spoiled athlete. He should fire his personal trainer based on his performance last season. I can't believe he said that he was going to due some "serious work" with his trainer in order to miss work that should be done with the team here this Summer. What an insult to the strength and conditioning staff for The Redskins. They should make him run 10, 300 yard shuttles in under a minute when he gets to camp and if he doesn't do it have him do it until he successfully completes it and then let him practice. Cut him and eat the salary. Strengthcoach.

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Guest BigBlue

That is funny. Worthless has to go. Most of the Redskins need to go. I would play any position if I got that money. He is just a big fat guy that is too lazy to work out with the team. When are Deadskins going to wake up. It is not the 80's anymore. You just can't compete with the elite.

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