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The U.S. Military Industrial Complex


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To Whom it May Concern,

On Jan 17, 1961 then Pres Eisenhower gave his farewell address to the nation. In it he warned of a "hostile idealogy", "the military industrial complex" and the "consequences of too much government funded research". He was obviously in a position to know. The idealogy could not have been communism if he warned about what was wrong with America. I believe these things are now a very serious problem.


In 1953, during Eisenhowers first term, the CIA began a project called MK-Ultra. This program, as well as others, have produced the technology he warned about. Some of these things are neural implants, HAARP and synthetic telepathy. I have the complete speech, in two parts on my website. http://www.philipnute.com


Who shot Ciara Durkin, a soldier in Iraq, the night I went to the JFK building and the Quincy police station?


Risperdal Irreversibly Binds......


Movies of interest

"Apolcalypse Now"

"The Deer Hunter"

"Titicut Folies"


Philip Nute

28 Easy St

Weymouth, Mass. 02190









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