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The Vice President is authorized to nominate individuals to the United States Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies but can not nominate to either the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and does not nominate to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.


The Vice President is the only authorized nominating authority who can nominate U.S. citizens without geographical restrictions. He may have a maximum number of five nominees in attendance at each authorized academy at any one time. Normally, he has one or two vacancies each year. In order to be entered into competition for a Vice Presidential nomination, applicants must complete the online nomination application during the application period of March 1 to January 31 preceding the year of entrance to the academies. The Office of the Vice President will not accept paper applications.


* Steps for the Military Academies Application process

* Procedures for the Military Academies Application process

* Military Academies Application form


Due to a large volume of applicants (usually several thousand per academy), the Vice President has authorized the academies to evaluate all applications and rank them according to qualifications. In screening candidates, the academies evaluate an individual's high school or college academic record, results of the ACT and SAT tests, recommendations from individuals who are in a position to judge the applicant's character and academic potential, and physical and medical qualifications. In view of this screening by the academies, it is important that all correspondence subsequent to actual application (e.g., letters of recommendation, high school and college transcripts and ACT/SAT examination results) be forwarded directly to the academy when requested. Do not send this information directly to the Vice President.


Notification of those selected for a nomination is normally made during February or March of the year in which the class convenes.


Any additional information regarding Vice Presidential nominations should be forwarded to the appropriate academy. The addresses are:



The Director of Admissions


United States Military Academy

West Point, New York 10996

Apply online at: http://admissions.usma.edu



The Director of Admissions


United States Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, CO 80840



Dean of Admissions (Code A)

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, Maryland 21042



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