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Ron Paul Only Hope to Prevent U.S. Hyperinflation

Guest NIA

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The National Inflation Association is thrilled that Congressman Ron Paul won this past weekend's annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll of who CPAC members think will be the Republican nominee in the next Presidential election. While the mainstream media was quick to dismiss the straw poll results, there were 2,395 ballots cast in the straw poll, a CPAC record. The avalanche of articles coming out today in an attempt to discredit Ron Paul's heroic efforts in Washington, show the ignorance of the mainstream media, which has lost touch with the educated American public.


One of NIA's top 10 predictions for 2010 was that we would see a move this year towards a Libertarian third-party. Although Ron Paul is a member of the Republican party, he is a true Libertarian at heart. Ron Paul's win at CPAC demonstrates that the Libertarian movement is beginning and NIA members are at the forefront of it. By helping spread the word about our documentary 'The Dollar Bubble', which has now surpassed 510,000 views in less than three months, NIA members have done more to educate the American public about the real crisis ahead than all mainstream media outlets combined.


In Washington today, we have 100 Senators and 434 Congressmen who spend their days arguing back and forth about whether to raise or lower taxes. Federal taxes, as a share of the U.S. economy, have remained relatively flat since the end of World War II. The phony charade between politicians about taxes is being played out in an effort to distract Americans from the upcoming threat of massive inflation and potential hyperinflation.


We have one Congressman in Washington today, Ron Paul, who understands that inflation is the biggest threat to our economy and how the Federal Reserve and our fiat money system is the root cause of all our economic problems. The Federal Reserve's manipulation of interest rates create the booms and busts, which transfer wealth from the middle class to the rich, while taking away our liberties and freedoms. Without the Federal Reserve, Washington would be forced to live within its means and all Americans would enjoy a higher standard of living. Unfortunately, the worse the U.S. economy gets, the more money the U.S. government spends. Americans will soon feel the pain of our deficit spending as massive inflation begins to take hold. The need to elect Ron Paul as President will soon become evident to all.


The only way it will be possible for us to prevent hyperinflation from occurring in the U.S. is to replace most people in Washington today with newly elected representatives who will act immediately to dramatically cut government spending in every way possible. Besides electing Ron Paul as President, we need to elect Peter Schiff and Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate, and support other politicians who believe in our cause. NIA is pleased to see that Sarah Palin has now endorsed Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate Race; hopefully she will support Ron Paul for President as well.


NIA members understand the dangers ahead and how to invest appropriately in order to prosper during a hyperinflationary depression. However, our profits in gold, silver and agriculture won't mean anything if our country is no longer worth living in. NIA believes most of our investment ideas will increase in purchasing power no matter what because massive inflation is inevitable, but hyperinflation is what we need to prevent if we want to avoid a societal collapse and the death of civilization.


President Obama has been deceiving the American public by not allowing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac's $6.3 trillion in debt to be on the U.S. government's balance sheet and is now trying to redefine a balanced budget as to exclude interest payments on our national debt. With interest rates at their lowest levels possible, interest payments on our national debt are guaranteed to rapidly increase in the years ahead. Eventually, they are likely to rise to a level where more than half of the government's tax receipts go towards paying the interest on our national debt.


In 2010, it is estimated that about 40% of the U.S. government's tax receipts will be spent on defense. The U.S. military empire now consists of 700 military bases in 140 countries around the world. Although NIA believes the defense of our country should be the primary responsibility of the U.S. government, our defense spending is now almost as much as the rest of the world combined. Obama's proposal for a three year U.S. government spending freeze beginning in 2011 is irrelevant because it excludes defense spending. The more we spend on perpetual wars, the more bankrupt our country becomes, making us less safe as a result.


History will look back at Ron Paul as the George Washington of our generation, because of his courage to protect the U.S. Constitution. If we followed the constitution, only gold and silver would be used as legal tender in the U.S. and the Federal Reserve wouldn't be allowed to exist. There would be no bailouts of financial institutions on Wall Street that recklessly speculated in order to pay themselves huge bonuses. Financial institutions would be regulated by the free market and the threat of failure.


Government regulations are not the solution to economic problems, they create new problems that politicians try to solve by implementing more regulations. This endless cycle of doom has destroyed the free market that made the U.S. the superpower it is today, but soon will no longer be. We are rapidly approaching a U.S. dollar death spiral with every passing day. Please continue to spread the word about NIA to everybody you know so that we can all work together to help prevent the dollar's day of reckoning.

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