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Guest Lunch @ The Ritz

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Guest Lunch @ The Ritz

Why Alisani Brazil Started The Luncheons & High Teas (taken from her website)


Many of you have been following my blogs and possibly have even read my book and have been inspired to dream larger dreams for yourself and live a positive lifestyle. This is very exciting and you will see positive results in your life because of it. A reoccurring theme that keeps coming up in the emails that I receive and in personal conversations is that many people do not have a positive support system to keep them motivated. Many people have told me that their friends are abandoning them because they want to be free to complain and gossip and engage in other counter productive activities.


I've also been getting emails from people asking for names of other books and websites that have been helpful to me over the years. As you have probably guessed, I have read a lot of books on self-improvement and have visited a lot of websites.


This is how I birthed the idea of the Ladies' Luncheons. I wanted to create a venue where like-minded positive people could get together and inspire and motivate each other. Napoleon Hill, the author of, "Think and Grow Rich" refer to this as the "Mastermind Group." Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and other great men in history all new the importance of creating mastermind groups and having a strong and positive support team.


The sad reality is that over 90% of the people you will interact with on a daily basis with be comfortable living in mediocrity and negativity. The main reason is because they are not aware that they are in a negative mindset and because they are just plain comfortable with where they are in life.


I wanted to proactively do something about this. What if I could bring a bunch of women together for the common cause of creating a positive mastermind group for the benefit of keeping each other inspired and accountable? Could this be done? Are there enough ladies out there who desire to meet and befriend other like-minded positive ladies who want to have a huge positive impact on themselves, their families and ultimately the world. I BELIEVE SO!


I am inviting all of you to join me and the other ladies who are committing to live a conscious and positive lifestyle to join me at our luncheons. Expect to meet other ladies who want to support and encourage you and who you can in turn support and encourage as well.


I am so honored and tremendously happy that you are joining me. Together we are going to accomplish so many amazing things for ourselves and the world around us. I'm expecting to see many of you start your own successful business. Others will go on to have amazing charities that help so many less fortunate people. This is a new day that we are living and I can't wait to see the opportunities that are going to be handed to us just from our belief and positive expectations. See you at the next luncheon everyone!


~Alisani Brazil


Luncheon March 6th http://luncheonattheritz.eventbrite.com/


High Tea March 20th http://highteaattheritz.eventbrite.com/



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