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Mankind to Become the God-kind

Guest Ronald Weinland

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Guest Ronald Weinland

God’s entire purpose for all creation (everything He created) is to reproduce Himself by bringing into existence a God Family (Elohim). From the beginning there has only been the ETERNAL (Yahweh) who is God (El), the Almighty Creator, and there was no one else!


God first created the angelic realm within the spirit world. They were created first, and they were the first to share in His great plan and purpose. The angels were created as spirit beings

for the purpose of caring for God’s physical creation and serving Him to give help and assistance to those whom God would bring into Elohim. When Paul was speaking of the greatness of God’s Son, he also spoke of the purpose for the creation of the angels: Are they [the angels] not all ministering [serving] spirits, who are sent forth as ministers [as servants] for them who shall become heirs of salvation? (Hebrews 1:14)


Then God created the physical universe. He did this for His great plan that would extend into the millions of years beyond the time of physical mankind.


After a long period of time (possibly multiple millions of earth years), God finally came to the point where He created man. He focused His great plan upon the earth, for it would be on the earth, in all the vastness of His physical universe, that God would begin His greatest phase of all creation. God created the first man on the earth on a physical plane (purely physical), but man was created in the image and likeness of God Himself. However, God said that His purpose was for man to be created in His image and likeness on a spiritual plane. Mankind

can never become of the greatness and power of Almighty God, but he can become spirit, on a God plane, in the God Family.

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