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Iran designs stealth aircraft

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Iran has announced it has designed a radar-evading, or ‘stealth’, aircraft capable of taking out high-value targets without being detected by hostile radar systems, Press TV reports.


Chief Air Force Commander Brigadier General Hassan Shah-Safi is quoted as saying the "stealth’ aircraft was designed by Iranian aerospace experts, and military researchers are now working on building a small prototype.


He believes the research will be finished by March next year and then production will begin.


The ‘stealth’ aircraft employs a combination of features to reduce visibility in both the visual, audio, infrared and radio frequency (RF) spectra.


The fighter is to be carefully coated with a secret, radar-absorbent material, as even an air bubble or a screw not tightened exactly to specifications could result in a blip on an enemy's radar screen.


The announcement comes amidst Iran’s persistent tensions with the West over the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear programme. Tehran insists its nuclear industry is for energy production rather than the manufacture of atomic weapons.


Washington has labeled Iran a rogue state and claims it is developing nuclear weapons.


The U.S., UN and EU have all imposed sanctions on Iran.

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