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Federal Reserve Board of Governors Report to Congress

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Guest 67PumpkinHead

Release just came from the Federal Reserve Central Bank. I have made changes with brackets [i.e]


Dear [united States Citizens]:


Strengthening our financial regulatory system in ways that take the appropriate lessons from the crisis is essential for the long-term economic stability of our country. To this end, as you know, the Banking Committee has compiled an extensive hearing record and has begun considering specific reform proposals.


A number of [Americans] have recently asked for the Board's views on the importance of the Federal Reserve's continued role in bank supervision and regulation.


In response to these requests, I am enclosing for you and your colleagues a document that discusses


(1) how the expertise and information that the Federal Reserve develops in the making of monetary policy enable it to make a unique contribution to an effective regulatory regime, especially in the context of a more systemic approach to consolidated oversight; and


(2) how active involvement in supervising the nation's banking system allows the Federal Reserve to better perform its critical functions as a central bank.


Read the actual document.




or follow hyperlink



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