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Guest T. Hutton

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Guest T. Hutton

I am Raymond Chang,an attorney at law. A deceased client of mine,

that bears the same last name as yours, died as the result of a heart-related

condition on March 12th 2005. His heart condition was due to the death of all

the members of his family in the tsunami disaster on the 26th December 2004 in

Sumatra Indonesia . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake


My late Client has a deposit of seventeen point five Million Dollars

( US$17.5 Million Dollars) left behind.


I can be reached on (bar_raymondchang@sify.com) for more information.


Best regards,

Barr Raymond Chang,

Attorney at Law.

TELL: +60173942586



"Barr Raymond Chang" <b_raymondchang2@sify.com>

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Return-Path: <b_raymondchang2@sify.com>

Date: Yesterday 12:30 AM

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