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Sweat Box HiNRGY Encore Presentation Playlist for Friday December 11th @ 10pm on WTNR Radio


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This week enjoy a special Encore SweatBox Presentation

Your PRE and POST Party Every Friday 10pm on WTNRRADIO

Top New Club Dance Trax


1. Turn it out - Altar and Jeanie Tracy ‘Altar Anthem Mix’

2. Party People _ altarf and Jeanie Tracy

3. This Time Baby - Eddie X pres Niki Harris ‘Myke Rossi Mix’

4. Here We come - Rod Carrillo & Shefali ’Albert Castillo Radio Mix’

5. Radar - Britney Spears Aleko;s Club Vocal Mix’

6. Say the Word - Richard Grey vs. Erick Morillo ft Nicole Da Silva

7. Amazing - Inna ‘DJ Chioss Remix’

8. Hot - Inna ’Club Version by Play & Win’

9. Breathing Your Love - Darin ‘Dj John Housevack vs. Ermac Remix’

10. Just Because - Thomas Gold ’Etienne Ozborne & Zaltan Kontes Remix’ ‘

11. Remember - Funkerman ft I Fan ‘Extended Mix

12. Shake It - Ralphi Rosario ft Shawn Christopher 'Ralphi Rosario Big room Mix'

13. Hot Summer Nights - David Tavare ft Elvissa ‘DJ Cross Mix’


You can time travel by clicking on the spinning globe on

WTNRRADIO's home page and changing your location

- and Party hours earlier OR to travel backwards! Enjoy!

(Example: Its 10pm Friday night in China when it 10am

Friday morning in Washington DC or its 10pm in the UK

when its 5pm in WDC.)'Music For Music People'

WTNRRADIO The Sweat Box is produced


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