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If you were a patient at either DC General Hospital or St Elizabeth's Hospital, your medical files may been lost, stolen, or destroyed. This could result in patients being unable to receive Social Security disability benefits, the proper and immediate healthcare they may need in an emergency, and their personal vital information, such as social security numbers, may have been compromised. The implications can be life-threatening and/or -altering.


Although I have documentation I was indeed a patient, [then mayor] Anthony Williams' office denied it and I received no response from Eleanor Holmes' office when I inquired about my files. The consequences resulting from their inability to locate my files were denied medical and financial benefits to which I was [and am] entitled; and now my health has worsened to the point that my kidneys are damaged.


How could they have "lost" those files? In my mind, you hire a company to pick up the files and transport them to a specific location. They sign an acknowledgement form when they pick up the files and then the receiver at the chosen location signs acknowledging they were received. Another question... why weren't these files backed up/recorded on microfiche?


You or your loved ones may have been affected by the District of Columbia's gross negligence. Ask questions and do not stop until you get answers.


For more information, please visit http://lostmedicalfiles.info.

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