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Move and Get Good Cash Out Of the Garage


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There is great excitement when you are going to move to a new home. Despite the crazyness of the packing and planning with the Seattle Moving Company, the idea of a new place or even a new life puts a smile in most faces and a shine in most hearts. And it can get even better, because it can put good money in most pockets too!


Moving time is a great time for a garage sale. It is the perfect time to get rid of what is not useful anymore, to make room for all the new that will be coming along with your new home.


If you are moving into a smaller place, a garage sale IS a necessity, as well as if you are a fan of season sales; there is only so much room between four walls. So there you go. If you want to get rid of unused clothes, old toys, unecessary furniture, and other belongings that are truly in your way, think garage sale. You can always buy new stuff with the money you make, or even better, you can save it!


Although there is endless information in books, magazines, the web, and even from experienced friends, on how to run a successful garage sale, here we show you the best tips to fill your pockets with money:


1. Check with local authorities the restrictions for garage sales.


2. Invest some money on advertising in local newspapers, ad bulletin boards, and shoppers guides. Post it online also.


3. Ask other neighbors to join you, you can share costs and attract more buyers due to the amount of items on sale.


4. Mark the way with flashy signs with arrows showing the way to your house.


5. Define sale hours and avoid holiday weekends, no one will be home.


6. Be prepared for customers who arrive too early.


7. Set attractive prices and be ready to bargain.


8. Put a price tag on every item and group items by price. You can also use colors to differentiate prices.


9. Clean the items before the sale, to make them more desirable.


10. Put the clothes on racks for easy viewing and check the pockets beforehand!


11. Put similar items, or things that complement each other, together; it may get you more sales.


12. Have plenty of change in hand.


13. Be careful with the money; have it locked up in a box or wear a fanny pack.


14. Offer bags for the customers who buy and paper to wrap the china.


15. Remove all signs after the sale is over.


16. Give to charity whatever is left; it will make you feel really good!


If you liked this article, tell all your friends about it. They’ll thank you for it. If you have a blog or website, you can link to it or even post it to your own site (don’t forget to mention PSMoving as the original source.)


Rachel Clarkson

Seattle Moving Company

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