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Guest exSKINSfan

The Washington Deadskins, born the Boston Braves in 1932, passed away in October 2009, following a ten-year long illness inflicted upon it by team owner Daniel M. Snyder and pseudo-general manager Vinny Cerrato. After several failed false alarms and faint glimmers of playoff hope, the once proud franchise developed a fatal aversion to the end-zone, and succumbed in a slow, painful death. The team leaves behind thousands of disgruntled fans, angry tailgaters, and despondent season ticket holders, as well as tons of unsold Deadskins merchandise, one puzzled quarterback, and an emasculated head coach.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen!


Hail to the Deadskins,

No victory.

We can't score touchdowns,

We just take the three!


Run or pass and score, we need a lot more,

Portis doesn't practice 'cause his foot's sore.

Gripe on, gripe on 'til Vin-ny's gone

Shame in Wash-ing-ton

Boo, Boo, Boo!


Hail to the Deadskins, No victory.

Let's grab Dan Snyder

Hang him from a tree!

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