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http://www.stmatthewscathedral.org/, and if you want a smaller church? Just call and ask them.


The church that I go to, The Parishioners’ ask me for information as to how they can best serve, and I give it to them.


Though I will NEVER post that type of information online for the simple reason that some types of information MUST remain OFFLINE.


The potential for abuse is just too great.<----- Learned this one from the "School of hard knocks".

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Guest He Rose ✞

Celebrate Easter At The McLean Bible Church



Welcome From the Bethesda Campus Pastor


As the Bethesda Campus Pastor, it’s my pleasure to welcome you! We are so excited to be McLean Bible Church’s newest campus (we opened on January 23, 2011) and MBC’s first Sunday morning campus in Montgomery County!


We view our launch as a great opportunity to advance the mission of MBC which is to make an impact on secular Washington, DC with the message of Jesus Christ. We want to create a safe place for seekers to experience God’s love and be transformed by the Gospel and to help believers to grow, connect, serve, and share in Jesus Christ. In sum, the goal of our ministry is to transform people into fully devoted followers of Christ.


We have Sunday services at 9:00 am and 10:45 am at the Round House Theatre (located at 4545 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814) which is a beautiful venue. When we are there, we utilize this location for our worship services as well as to offer Kid’s Quest, The Rock Student Ministries (for teens) and adult Bible study. However, we also look to extend our campus into the community and homes.


In order to do all of these things with excellence, we’ll need a lot of help. So, I’d like to encourage you to consider volunteering at our campus. Your help would be greatly appreciated!


The staff and I are available to answer any questions you may have, help you get plugged in, or just make your acquaintance. We look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of MBC Bethesda!


In Christ,


Ken Sun

MBC Bethesda Campus Pastor




What can I expect when I arrive at MBC Bethesda?


At the Bethesda Campus, we have free parking available in the municipal garages located across the street from the Round House Theatre. Cross East-West Highway at Waverly Street and come on in! From the greeters at the front doors to the friendly staff and church members you will meet before and after service, MBC Bethesda is all about relationships. We want to make it easy for you to feel at home.


As you enter our lobby, you’ll notice many greeters and people from all walks of life attending alongside you, from families with children to young single adults to older adults. You can also expect to meet people with many different backgrounds, including people who have been attending McLean for many years and others who have never attended a church before. People of all ages, cultures, professions, and religious backgrounds are welcome to join us for Sunday services. Grab a cup of coffee and some donuts and visit our Welcome Center to learn more about our campus and upcoming events.

What is a service like?


The sixty-five minute service opens with worship music from a diverse group of artists. Our Creative Arts Ministry, composed of staff and volunteers, provides a blended style of worship music that varies from week to week.

“So What?” characterizes the essence of Pastor Solomon’s message: What difference does the Bible make for our lives in the 21st century? His practical, humorous, and down-to-earth treatment of Scripture provides a challenging, in-depth Bible lesson with tools for life application.

Where should I take my children?


Visit our Children and Students page for more information.



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