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corrupt courts in ohio

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Guest eric lewis



I Eric Lewis on October 26 2006 was falsely charge with dog fighting I had 6 adults and 7 pups at the age of 7 weeks old The arresting officers admitted in court that there was no dog fighting going on at all. All I was doing was watering and feeding the dogs. On march 23 2007 judge jeffery e. froelich gave a court order to return my dogs by march 30 2007 by 4:00 pm but then john m. scott the prosecutor order the dog to be killed on march 29 2007 they did fire john m. scott this case has ben going on for nearly 3 years what really gets me is the judge jeffery e froelich heard the officers admitted in court that no dogs were being fought but I still was charge with 14 counts of dog fighting and 7 of the charges was on 7 puppies at the age of 7 weeks old I pled a no contest thinking judge froelich would be honest enough to through out the charges but he finds my guilty and sentence me to 1 year in prison and fines me 52,000 dollars for the humane society if any one can help with the wrong doings by the so called justice system in america please contact me at lewis45424 @yahoo.com

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