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Judy Wagner Embraces Government-Run Health Care

Guest Matthew Wells

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Guest Matthew Wells

I wanted to call your attention to an important new development in our race. Yesterday, Jody Wagner fully embraced the Public Option (Government Option) for health care in an interview with NBC-12's Ryan Nobles.


In that interview, Wagner states clearly: "If the public option passes and the President signs it, I think that we should take part."



This comes on the heels of a post earlier yesterday on a Democrat-leaning blog, which stated, "Jody said unequivocally that she would fight any attempt to "opt out" of a federal health insurance option."



This means that Jody Wagner has abandoned Virginians, who overwhelmingly oppose the Government Option, to stand with Nancy Pelosi and her big-spending allies in Washington, DC.


We all know that government run health care means higher taxes, higher health insurance premiums, rationed medical care and fewer choices for the American people, but Jody Wagner is counting on it being too late in the campaign for word to get out about this.


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