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If you are planning on doing the packing yourself for an upcoming move, or even doing the move yourself, be sure to ask your moving company for the supplies you need. There is no longer any need to scour the local grocery store for boxes to pack up your household goods. Moving companies now offer a great selection of supplies to make packing up your home easy and efficient. Here are some of the basics you’ll want to have on hand:


Boxes are the most obvious thing you need, but be sure to take time to think about the sizes and shapes you need. Moving companies have specialty boxes for clothing, china, mirrors and artwork, lamps and even wardrobes where your clothes can be packed on hanging rods. Keep in mind that the more uniform your box size, the easier they will be able to load into your truck or van. Remember to pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes that are easier to carry.


Packing tape will be necessary for forming your boxes as they will be purchased flat, and also for sealing your boxes once filled. A tape dispenser that applies and cuts the tape in one step makes this job a lot easier and can also be purchased from your moving company. A small cutting knife is handy to have as well for opening the boxes when it’s time to unpack and for collapsing them again once they have been emptied.


Carton markers to identify what is in each box will make both loading the moving van and the unpacking process a lot easier. You may also be able to buy pre-printed labels from your moving company for fragile items.


Bubble wrap and newsprint for packing fragile items is available in rolls and sheets. There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home with broken dishes, so it’s important to wrap everything well. For some items that you really can’t wrap, Styrofoam packaging peanuts can be purchased in large bags to pack in and around large loose items.


Mattress and furniture covers can also be purchased to keep things nice and clean and prevent any rips or tears during loading and unloading. You should also have some moving pads or blankets available for placing between pieces of furniture to prevent dents and scratches. If you would rather not use blankets of your own, they can be purchased or sometimes rented from your Seattle moving company.


This should just about cover anything you need to pack up your house for a smooth and accident free move.


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Rachel Clarkson

Seattle movers

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