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Tips to Pack Your Computer Safely for a Move


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While you are checking lists and packing to move to your dream home, you must remember to pay special attention to your desktop computer, and ensure the movers in Seattle do too. If you fail to pack it appropriately, your computer may suffer mechanical failure or be damaged due to physical hits during transportation. That’s something you don’t want to see happen if you depend on it for work or home organization activities.


In order to ensure your computer is moved safely, follow these tips:


- Transfer copies of all of your files into an external hard drive. Pack the hard drive safely into a computer case or other place where it will not be stepped on or hit.


- Park the hard disk. You must make sure nothing is working before you move the computer to avoid the possibility of shock. The parking procedure works differently according to the type of computer, so make sure you find out how it is done for yours. The hard disk will go back to work once you turn on the computer again. Next, turn off the system and remove the cables from the back. Write down which cable goes where.


- If possible, pack the computer in the original package. It is specially designed to hold it safely, but if you do not have it anymore, find a strong box that can fit it and get good packing materials.


- Look after the printer. Use the original box to pack it, if possible. If it happens to be a laser printer, remove the ink cartridge to avoid spilling and contamination. If it is a pin printer, put a piece of paper in the platen to secure the head.


- Cover the monitor very well with bubble wrap, cushions or cloth. Since it is made out of glass, it can easily be scratched or broken.


- Place the CPU standing up or on its side, with the motherboard flat on the bottom, otherwise, the interior cards will go loose and you will require technical assistance to make it work again.


- If you have any doubts or questions about the best way to move your computer, contact the technical manufacturer’s department, browse the Internet to find the exact specifications to transport it, or simply consult your Seattle moving company.


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Rachel Clarkson

Seattle Movers

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