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Guest dan bello
I hope this is in the right department. Anyway, I'm in the process of buying a new home and found a site that might or might not be helpful but I figured I'd shar eit anyhow. http://www.easymortgagehelp.com. It is very simple and answers your basic questions. hoe this helps someone. thank you.

My name is Dan and I have recently become a mortgage consultant - Since I am new in the business and trying to get started, I am trying to beat all competition as far as rates - I dont charge points uless you chose to buy the market rate lower - Give me a shot - maybe I can give you the best deal..


email - daniel.bello@guarantygroup.com

office - 781-245-4694

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Guest Wendy Keesler

Our company also does mortgages and financial services. We offer a free seminar to help educate the consumer on debt and mortgage possibilites as well as investment opportunities that are out there. We do not work on QUOTA, and are not pushy. If you like help, we'd be glad to meet with you. Also if you've found a great deal with someone else- we'll confirm that for you, or advise you what to look out for. Telephone 703-898-1842 email wendykeesler@wlgdirect.com

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