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Teach a Child to Dream -- Become a Tutor

Guest Amber

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Teach a child to dream -- become a tutor with For Love of Children (FLOC)

We are currently recruiting volunteers for the 2009-2010 school year.


Only 43 of every 100 students that enter DC Public Schools will graduate high school within 5 years. Of those 43 only 29 will enroll in post secondary education, and of those, only 9 will attain a post secondary degree within 5 years.


At FLOC, our goal is for every one of our students to remain connected to their education, stay on grade level, and grow as students, as citizens and as leaders.


But we need your help! Because our volunteers each work one-on-one with a student, we can only serve as many kids as we have tutors. There are children waiting to join our tutoring program. Each new volunteer will change the future for a child in D.C.


To become a Volunteer:

Complete a Volunteer Application at http://www.flocdc.org/volunteer.htm

Contact Amber Shollenberger, Recruitment Coordinator to sign up for Volunteer Orientation and Training.


E-mail: ashollenberger@floc.org

Phone: 202-349-3512


For more information:

- Visit our website: http://www.flocdc.org/volunteer.htm

- View our video:

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