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Just saw Zombieland. I have to say, it lived up to the hype. It was both hilarious and very suspenseful. It also has the best cameo appearance in a movie that I've seen in a long time. I can't tell you anything more about it without spoiling the film.


My only critique is that they hired these movie actor clones to play leading roles. Here is what I mean.


Lead actor Jessie Eisenberg looks and acts like neurotic indie actor Michael Cera.




And lead actress Emma Stone looks (but thankfully acts better than) Lindsey Lohan.




It is painfully obvious that these people were hired because of their similarity to their more famous counterparts.


Anyhow, go see the movie. I liked it. It has some serious gore, and some serious laughs. Its a great date movie.

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Regarding cameos, so to speak, while I don't care for Tom Cruise as a person (I think he's a jackass in fact) I can't dispute he was good in Tropic Thunderwhich was an incredibly, surprisingly, fantastic movie and this, coming from me, an admitted movie snob.


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