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I am hoping you will help me mr irvin scott

Guest joeknight

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Guest joeknight

I do not really know that now that the district of Columbia developmental disability services received all my paper work that I trust them now because it has been so long and Its up to you guys to deem me disabled and give me my benefits and I don’t trust you all right now and you all can gain my trust by helping me get to a doctor to help me get my health back 100 percent and I can enjoy life with my family all the time and not be in so much pain all the time. If you turn me away I will lose faith in people and I don’t want that at all. I just want my health back so I can enjoy life with the family I love. I am tired of waiting for the benefits and I am so pissed off at all of you that you all can not even know what I am thinking of you right now and I can not get any sleep at night some times and I am in lots of back pain that’s the reason I am having it hard right now and I better hear from you soon or I will take things to a new level of Acton and I am serious Mr. Scott.

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