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Are your Sales Results Heading in the Wrong Direction?

Guest Mary Williams

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Guest Mary Williams

We hope to meet you at this program for business owners on Sept.16. Please join us and youll discover what business leaders are doing now to impact results in tough times. Give us a call if you have any questions. We hope you can attend!


Mary & the staff


CEOs, Business Owners, & Principals


Are your company's sales results headed in the wrong direction?


And, are you blaming the economy... or developing new strategies that can boost your sales & profits - even in tough times?


If you want to know about the new approaches for growing your company's sales in a slower marketplace, then join us for this special event for business owners.


CEOs, business owners, & top-performing sales professionals. If you have traditionally sold "by the book" and you are finding that there's now more pressure on prices, that you're getting drawn into your prospects' endless stalls, and it seems there are fewer qualified prospects, you are not alone. "The book" no longer works in today's weaker and ‘price-driven' marketplace. Face it... conventional selling hasn't changed in 25 years. Prospects have heard it all before. And that's why many stop listening. But still today, most people are taught the same things... Be aggressive! Be enthusiastic! Make polished presentations! Educate prospects about how your solution is different!


There is a better way. Join us for this remarkable program and discover powerful, new approaches that "fly in the face" of conventional selling wisdom. This lively and energizing program will help you discover how you can close the gap between your sales process and the way prospects now want to buy. Attend and you'll learn how your sales team can be in more control of every selling situation. You'll understand how to identify misdirected strategies which are costing you sales and profits. And you'll also learn how to re-engineer your company's sales strategies to sell faster in a slower economy.


Reserve your seat today if you want to discover a selling system that has been rated the #1 training program by Entrepreneur Magazine for 5 consecutive years. You'll also find out how our clients in over 170 industries and professions are using our system to achieve consistent sales growth.


•Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009

•Time: 8:00 to 10:45 AM

•Location: Sandler Sales Institute, 5 Choke Cherry Rd, #380, Rockville MD

•Cost: $59 ($49 if registration is received by Sept. 11, 2009)


For more information, call 240-396-5811.

To register for this program. Mention DCpages

Seating is limited and pre-registration is required.

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