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Sweat Box HiNRGY Dance 'SEASON PREMIER' Playlist for Friday September 4th @ 10pm on WTNR Radio


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Your PRE and POST Party Every Friday 10pm on WTNRRADIO


1. Say It - Booty Luv ‘Warren Clark vocal Remix’


2. Runaway - Tome Novy ft Abigail Bailey ‘Jerry Ropero Remix’


3. That’s Not My Name 105 - The Ting Tings 'Soul Seekerz Dirty vocal Mix'


4. Shooting Star - David Rush ‘Party Rock Mix’


5. How Soon is Now - David Guetta ft. Julie Mcknight' 'Extended Version'


6. Take Me With You - Emma Hewitt and Serge Devant ‘Adam K Soha Club Mix,


7. 76 Ocean Drive -Nicola Fasano pat rich ‘Nick Corline club Mix’


8. Behind - Flander ’Callea Club Mix’


9. Stamp Your Feet - Donna Summer ‘Escape Colucio Club Remix’


10. If - Soul Avengerz ft Max C 'Ian Carey Mix'


11. Love Game - Broken Sweat ‘Reflex Club Mix’


'Music For Music People' http://www.wtnrradio.com/The Sweat Box is produced by THE ZONE

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