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Bing is moving closer to Google

Guest efrontier.com

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Guest efrontier.com

Efficient Frontier, the worldwide market and technology leader in providing search engine marketing (SEM) solutions for large advertisers saw total number of clicks performed by users on Bing (clickshare) increase by 44% since its launch in June. An analysis of Yahoo! and Google trends show that the increase in clickshare for Bing was mostly at the detriment of Google which lost 1.4% of its own share whilst Yahoo! lost 0.63% of its own share.


This analysis was completed based on data from Efficient Frontier’s international customer base and covered 252 million clicks over the two months. The data analysis shows a gradual increase over the two months which constitutes a consistent trend.


The link below shows the trend line for Bing indexed at June 2008.


http://"use actual web address"/Dccv3


Jonathan Beeston says, “ The $100 million marketing budget for the launch of Bing alongside its new look and feel has obviously has some effect on the number of searches performed on the engine. Also Microsoft's new category focused Bing features may have helped them capture more of the seasonal summer travel searching and the additional query volume related to the stock market recovery.” Beeston adds, “Change doesn’t happen overnight but if trends continue, Microhoo might pose a very real threat to Google. The data provides a positive outlook for Bing and hope for real competition amongst the engines.”

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