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Neuton Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

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Since the company started it has subsidized the purchase of thousands of Neutons across America in exchange for dirty/gas-guzzling mowers. In Southern California alone, 16,000 residents have replaced their mowers with Neutons. The result has been a staggering emissions reduction of 600 tons per year.


The Neuton Mower has 4 advantages. First of all, the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. Second, the operator doesn't have to wear hearing protection. Third, you don't have gasoline in your trunk and don't have to store it in your garage. And fourth, you don't have to walk in the exhaust stream of an internal combustion engine as you mow your lawn. You're pushing a clean, quiet lawn mower.




Easy, clean and powerful



Easier to use than a gas-powered mower — squeeze the handlebar to start the motor.



Easier on the environment, too — non-polluting and super quiet.



With 360 watt-hours of energy, the CE 6 has plenty of power to cleanly mow even tall, thick grass..



Warranty: 2 Year Neuton




* 360 watt-hours of battery energy, it has plenty of power to mow through even tall, wet grass

* Gives you the powerful performance of a gas mower with convenience of battery technology

* There is no gas or oil to spill and no engine emissions to pollute the air

* Never need to wear hearing protection — nor will you annoy your neighbors, no matter what time of day you mow

* Instant starting, squeeze the handlebar and the motor starts automatically

* Optional on-board string trimmer / edger. No more second trips around the lawn to clean up walkway edges or trim around fence posts

* Trimming/Edger switch, instantly change from powering the mower blade to powering the optional Trimmer/Edger

* Security key can be removed to prevent accidental or unauthorized use of the mower

* A green status indicator light indicates that a charged battery is installed and that the safety key is inserted

* Analog voltage gauge indicates the amount of battery life remaining

* One touch height adjustment, with 1 lever you can change the height of all four wheels at once with out any tools

* Four different mowing heights 1.2" to 3" to suit your grass conditions

* Uniquely designed blade created extra air life to make grass stand up straight for a cleaner, even cut

* Made out of reinforced polyethylene deck that is super lightweight, stronger than steel, and will not rust

* Ideal for lawns up to 1/3 acre (about 15,000 sq. ft.) on a single charge

* Runs for up to an hour, depending on grass conditions

* Decide how you want to deal with the grass clippings. Use the rear grass bag, the side discharge chute, or install the mulching plug to leave the nutrients on your lawn

* At only 69 pounds, the Neuton CE 6 is easy to push

* Battery lasts for five years, with proper care

* Recharging costs about 10 cents




* Battery: 360 Watt-Hour (36-volt, 10-amp hour) sealed lead/acid type, with built-in carrying handle and charging receptacle

* Motor: 36-volt, 50-amp permanent magnet electric motor

* Run time: 45 to 60 minutes on a single charge (1/3 acre)

* Blade Tip Speed: 18,000 ft./min.

* Time to Charge Battery: 12 hours

* Grass Bagger Capacity: 1.33 Bushel (12.4 gallons)

* Cutting Height: 1.2 – 3"

* Cutting Width: 19"

* Overall Width: 21"

* Max. Height (to handlebar): 42"

* Weight without Battery: 46 lbs.

* Weight with Battery: 69 lbs.


Additional Photos:


* Neuton CE 6 Mower with Rear Grass Bag Configuration

* Neuton CE 6 Mower with Mulching Configuration

* Neuton CE 6 Mower with Side Discharge Chute Configuration

* Battery, Tools, Saftey Key, and Cutting Height Adjustment Compartment

* Instant Start Handle Bar

* Battery Level Indicator and Trimming/Edger Switch

* Cutting Blade


In the box:


* Neuton Electric Mower

* Mulching Plug

* Side Discharge Chute

* Bagger

* Bagger Frame

* Battery

* Battery Charger

* Safety Key

* 36mm Wrench

* 3/4" Wrench



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