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I am angry at dds for not anwering my calls

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Dear DDS I am not happy with you people because you are not caring about me and I am not feeling well and I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be pulled right away and my stomach hurts all the time and you all seem not to care about my health condition and I am going to call my new social worker today and make an a appointment to get this done so I can feel better and feel good about my life and be happy and not make my family worry all the time and stress about this any more. Do you all understand what I am saying to you people at DDS right now? I am beyond tick off that you all will not really care about people with developmental disabilities like you all say you do and I hope you people prove me that you care about us and will help us people with developmental disabilities a lot because we can not do it on our own DDS. Your friend with developmental disabled learning disability! JOE knight!

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