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Sports Drinks, Citric Fruit Juices, and Tea Destroy Teeth

Guest Colleen

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Guest Colleen

Recent research shows that other beverages like sports drinks, citric fruit juices, and tea "bathe teeth in harmful acids" and erode the enamel of the tooth. Dah!


The acids found in these beverages cause hypersensitivity, discoloration, cracks, and eventually disintegrate the teeth.


I was none too thrilled when I found this out, particularily because I drink nearly my weight in unsweetened ice tea each day.


To avoid erosion, the following tips are offered:


* Enjoy acidic beverages in moderation

* Use a straw to avoid teeth from being immersed

* Substitute acidic beverages with water

* Rinse mouth with water after drinking acidic beverages instead of brushing- the bristles may cause damage to the enamel.

* Visit your dentist regularly to catch any potentially harmful damage in the earliest stages



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