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Giants LB Antonio Pierce gets off


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Former Washington Redskin and current New York Giants LB Antonio Pierce has now stated that he has no regrets about taking Plaxico Burress unlicensed gun from the nightclub shooting on November 29, 2008. He basically said that he was simply helping his teammate out not breaking the law or trying to cover anything up. Pierce actually said that he acted reasonably, responsibly and instinctively in coming to the aid of a wounded teammate.




So taking a gun from a crime/shooting scene, illegally concealing a gun in your car, illegally crossing state lines with an unlicensed gun, taking your friend to the hospital and lying about his identification are all reasonable and responsible. I love how in our society today it is cool and we think highly of those who put the interest of themselves and their friends above all else. Protect your friends at the expense of your community and the ‘hood’ will respect you.


Look, Pierce acted like a lot of people would but once you start picking up loaded, unlicensed guns you cross the line. Why not leave it there? Because Pierce knew that Plax shouldn’t of had it and did not want anyone to find out. I also think that the New York legal system is a joke if they are going to go after Burress for 3-1/2 years and then give Pierce a free pass. Indicting Burress for a crime and letting Pierce get off of crimes associated with the same incident seems unfair.

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