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Guest August

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Guest August

PixelOptics, Inc. (“Pixel”) of Roanoke, Virginia has announced the world’s first composite ophthalmic lens company, PixelOptics is developing and will market both static (fixed focus) and dynamic (changeable focus) lenses.


e-Vision, LLC began the development of electronic eyeglasses in the late 1990’s, and in 2005, licensed its intellectual property, trade secrets, and know-how exclusively and globally to PixelOptics Inc. Pixel, with the help of ten other development partners from around the world, has been aggressively and diligently furthering the development of what it calls electro-active eyewear. To date Pixel has amassed a portfolio of over 300 issued patents and patent applications filed around the world.


PixelOptics is inventing and commercializing the first dynamic electronic spectacle lens. If you wear bifocals or progressive lenses, this technology will revolutionize the way you see and use your eyeglasses. Your electronic eyeglasses will:




• Focus as fast as you can blink your eye


• Provide an invisible electronic near focus zone when desired


• Offer three modes of operation: automatic, manual on, manual off


• Provide wider fields of view compared to a progressive addition lens


• Allow for less distortion than a progressive addition lens


• Provide vision correction for all ranges of sight: far, near, and in between


• Allow you to turn near reading power off when desired


• Include a rechargeable hidden battery


View the Demonstration.



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