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Linux Gaining Ground on Microsoft Client

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Microsoft for the first time has named Linux distributors Red Hat and Canonical as competitors to its Windows client business in its annual filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Microsoft Client


Client has overall responsibility for technical architecture, engineering, and delivery of our Windows product family and is responsible for our relationships with personal computer manufacturers, including multinational and regional original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”). Client revenue growth is directly impacted by growth of PC purchases from OEMs that pre-install versions of Windows operating systems because the OEM channel accounts for over 80% of total Client revenue. The differences between unit growth rates and revenue growth rates from year to year are affected primarily by changes in the mix of OEM Windows premium edition operating systems licensed as a percentage of total OEM Windows operating systems licensed (“OEM premium mix”). Additional differences in growth rates result from the impact from lower cost netbook PCs, which are sold with a lower cost version of Windows, changes in geographic mix, and changes in the channel mix of products sold by large, multi-national OEMs versus those sold by local and regional system builders.


The majority of revenue in fiscal year 2009 came from sales of Windows Vista, which was released in fiscal year 2007. Windows XP operating systems reached end-of-life for most editions and sales channels (Windows XP Home Edition will continue to be available on netbooks and other Windows XP editions will continue to be available in China). Windows 7, the latest version of Windows, was released to manufacturing in July 2009 and is expected to be generally available on October 22, 2009.


Client offerings consist of premium and standard edition Windows operating systems. Premium editions are those that include additional functionality and are sold at a price above our standard editions.


Products: Windows Vista, including Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business, Enterprise, and Starter Edition; Windows XP, including Professional, Home, Media Center, and Tablet PC Edition; and other standard Windows operating systems.




Client faces strong competition from well-established companies with differing approaches to the PC market. Competing commercial software products, including variants of Unix, are supplied by competitors such as Apple, Canonical, and Red Hat. Apple takes an integrated approach to the PC experience and has made inroads in share, particularly in the U.S. and in the consumer segment. The Linux operating system, which is also derived from Unix and is available without payment under a General Public License, has gained some acceptance, especially in emerging markets, as competitive pressures lead OEMs to reduce costs and new, lower-price PC form-factors gain adoption. Partners such as Hewlett-Packard and Intel have been actively working with alternative Linux-based operating systems.


The Windows operating system also faces competition from alternative platforms and new devices that may reduce consumer demand for traditional PCs. Competitors such as Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Opera Software Company offer software that competes with the Internet Explorer Web browsing capabilities of Windows products. User and usage volumes on mobile devices are increasing around the world relative to the PC. OEMs have been working to make the Google Android mobile operating system more compatible with small form-factor PCs or netbooks.


Our operating system products compete effectively by delivering innovative software, giving customers choice and flexibility, a familiar, easy-to-use interface, compatibility with a broad range of hardware and software applications, and the largest support network for any operating system.



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