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Krishna Vs Jesus


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Krishna Vs Jesus


Krishna is a Myth conveyed by tales and Puranas. Jesus is a historical personality. Why should we accept Krishna?

Ans.) Is there any direct photograph of Jesus? Is there any cassette that recorded the voice of Jesus directly? If you show the birth place and the place of crucifixion of Jesus, we will also show you the birth place, the dancing place etc of Krishna. If you say that twelve disciples have written the preachings of Jesus, the manuscripts of those twelve disciples can be doubted by us also as the manuscripts written by some others in their names. The history is always believed by faith on generation to generation. If you are based on the direct perception only without inference, no history can stand before us. These remarks on other religions hurt others and lead to terrorism finally. Whether Krishna existed or Jesus existed, it is immaterial. You take their messages and see the unity in them. There is only one God in different forms. If you want direct perception, recognize the contemporary human incarnation existing in your generation by conquering the ego and jealousy. If you cannot do that, at least find unity in the religions and follow the universal spirituality. I appreciate even the conservatism, if you stick to your path only without criticizing other religions. It is the worst projection of conservatism to criticize other religions, which is the starting point for cracking the world peace.


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