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Pravrutti Vs Nivrutti


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Pravrutti is rejection of unjust bonds before justified bonds. If you reject the love of a prostitute before the love of your wife, it is rejection of injustice and voting for justice. Hence, in Pravrutti, justice is basis and is the very essence. When you come to Nivrutti (identifying the present human form of God and selfless service to Him), you are rejecting wife before God. This appears to be injustice but on analysis, you can find that this is your vote for highest justice as you have voted for higher justice in the above case of Pravrutti. Hence, the basis of justice continues in Nivrutti also if you analyze deeply.

A person loving a prostitute and rejecting wife neither has the perfect knowledge of wife nor has the perfect knowledge of the prostitute. Only in the ignorance of both, he says that his love to prostitute is justice and his love to wife is injustice. Similarly, when you do not have the knowledge of God and world, then only, you will feel that the worldly bonds are more justified than bond with God. This is only due to your ignorance of both God and world as in the above case.


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