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Make a Solar Panel for Under $180.00

Guest Greenthumb

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Guest Greenthumb

Solar energy is one source of free power that is renewable and accessible to all home owners. Solar power can be attainable by all home owners, even if you can’t afford to install commercial solar power panels to power your entire house, you can begin using small solar power panels and reduce your power consumption if only by the smallest of margins. All reduced power equals reduced electricity which means you save Money.


The money saved on your power bills can be put into making additional solar power panels and further reducing the power and saving more money until you reach a stage were you are generating excess power than you use and start feeding the power back into the grid and this excess power is then credited to you and the power company starts paying you money.


Fossil fuels are not going to be able to sustain our energy consumption as the world heads into the future at the rate we are using this energy source. That alone is a good reason to build a home solar power system. Even a smallest solar power generator used to power your workshop or outside security lights is a start to saving our planet and the environment.


By generating your own solar power we are producing less toxic fumes and using fewer chemicals that are the by-products of the energy sources we use today. Solar power generators and small solar panels need very little maintenance to keep them working in peak condition for many years.


A diy solar power panels or grid inter-tied home solar power system does not have to be expensive exercise as you can start to build your home solar power system for under $180.

Complete inter-tied home solar power system is going to cost you more and it depends on the number of solar panels you install.


With so many packages available on the Internet to find instructions on how to make a small solar power generator you can be confident of receiving the right information but you have to be very careful as to the one you choose as there is a lot of energy packages that are complete rubbish.


You do not need to be an electrician and use expensive machinery or tools to build your home solar power system, most likely the material is easily accessible from your local junk yard and hardware store.


Most packages available are easy to read, easy to follow, fully illustrated instructions to build and install your home solar power system and most internet packages explains the secrets to finding the inexpensive solar cells.

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