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The United States and Venezuela Agree to Resume Full Diplomatic Representation


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Through an exchange of diplomatic notes, the United States and Venezuela have agreed to rescind the declarations of persona non grata issued in September 2008 and return U.S. Ambassador Patrick D. Duddy and Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Álvarez to their respective posts in Caracas and Washington.


An experienced career diplomat, Ambassador Duddy enjoys the full confidence of President Obama and Secretary Clinton. With his return, full diplomatic representation will resume. This important step will help advance U.S. interests by improving bilateral communication and enhancing our outreach to the Venezuelan people.

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Guest Human_*

Hugo Chavez does Despise the United States. It's just that the International Community HAS already figured out that Barack Obama HAS NO BACK BONE.


It Becomes a Very Volatile Situation When Barack obama agrees with Hugo Chavez on International Policy towards Latin America.


This Administration is Deemed as passively hostile towards democratic institutions.



Amazing ... I thought Hugo Chavez really despised the U.S. ...
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Guest Human_*

Even President Obama Can't Disagree, with that One Person Cannot hold All of the Power.


It is Sadly Apparent that His Advisors don't Understand the Region well.

<You "democrats" are not tapping into the information well. For it to be strictly political, and NOT based on the Experts with in the region creates a gap with in what would have been a thorough thought out response given the constitutional crisis that existed during which time the Constitutional Structure of Honduras was in Jeopardy.>



Interim Honduran Leader Vows Zelaya Won't Return

AP Interview: Interim Honduran Leader Claims Only Armed Invasion Will Restore Ousted President



(AP) The interim president of Honduras vowed Tuesday not to resign the post he took over following a military coup and claimed that only an armed invasion would restore his ousted predecessor to power.


Roberto Micheletti said during an interview with The Associated Press that "no one can make me resign," even though the United Nations, the Organization of America States, the Obama administration and governments around the world have condemned the military uprising and refused to recognize his government.


The world has almost universally called for the return of his democratically elected predecessor, Manuel Zelaya, but Micheletti said "he has already committed crimes against the constitution and the law. He can no longer return to the presidency of the republic unless a president from another Latin American country comes and imposes him using guns."


He did not name any specific nations, but earlier Tuesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said any aggression toward Zelaya from Micheletti's government should prompt a military intervention by the United Nations. Chavez is a close ally of President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, which neighbors Honduras.


Micheletti said his government had imposed a nightly curfew "until things get back to normal because they have warned us that some South American countries were going to attack us and the population has to be ready and prepared."


"If there's an invasion against our country," he said, "we will see 7 and a half million Hondurans ready to defend our territory, our laws and our fatherland and government."


Honduras' population is roughly that figure.


Micheletti now occupies the same office in the colonial-style presidential palace that Zelaya did until last weekend. He and his ministers were settling into new offices even as the military continued to control the building: a typical bureaucratic handover except that soldiers wandered the halls.


Micheletti said he had not spoken to a single member of U.S. President Barack Obama's government or any president in Latin America, but he maintained that 80 percent of Hondurans support him.


"I was named by Congress to represent the Honduran people. No one can make me resign if I do not violate the laws of the country," he said.


Zelaya _ whose elected term ends in January 2010 _ had defied the Supreme Court and called a referendum on constitutional change that opponents worried would lead to Zelaya prolonging his presidency.


Zelaya backed down from the referendum Tuesday, saying at the United Nations that he would no longer push for the constitutional changes he had wanted.


But Micheletti said giving up the constitutional referendum would not be enough for Zelaya to avoid arrest since the former president had "several" arrests warrants issued against him, including some dealing with drug smuggling charges.


Zelaya's opinions rating had sagged at home in recent years and his fiery brand of populism is similar to the kind that often irks the international community. Still, the world has lined up to support him.


Asked if Zelaya could one day return to power strong than ever, Micheletti said "it's not about sympathy, it's not about being a martyr, but simply that we are following the letter of the law which he did not respect."


Micheletti served as president of Congress before Sunday's ouster of Zelaya and both are members of the Liberal Party. He also said Tuesday that he will not "even seek to be a candidate again" for the presidency once his term ends in January.

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Guest Human_*

Hey Barack!!! Do you have Any One in your Administration who actually understands Latin America?

<Don't get me wrong, I know who are the people who are working for you in Latin America, and the political ambitions that they have. The thing is that I don't understand is?


Why didn't YOUR Administration get the experts instead?> Do I actually have to name ALL of the players, and what your administration did, and didn't do on top of it all To really get a response from your administration?








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Guest Human_*

Hey!!! to ANY REPORTERS out there? Did you notice that the Jet that EX President Manuel Zelaya IS flying on is owned by Venezeula?


You probably missed that little detail, among MANY others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chavez 1, United States 0 on the Latin American front.


Hillary, and Obama; You REALLY Don't know what you are doing, and to think that I am the only one who notices this? LOL


This IS the Nation's Capitol.

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Guest Human_*

Maybe Barack Obama, and Hillary should get permission from Hugo Chavez as well as Iran in order to resolve this problem. For IT IS sadly apparent that neither Hillary nor Barack have any clue as to

The Political Factions with in the Latin American Community.


<It was ill concieved to have relocated the Experts in this field, and general speaking "Leaving it up to essentially people with their own political agendas as well as an Academic".


You see, this is where we differ "Republicans, Democrats". In that Republicans bring in even the democrats to resolve the problem. WHILE the democrats keep it with in the Democrat ranks "It really does put you democrats in a very narrow field as to what the proper response would be. It also limits your responses Politically with in the International Community.>







Honduras’ ousted president arrives in Dominican Republic


SANTO DOMINGO.- Honduras’ ousted president Manuel Zelaya arrived in the country at 7:20 a.m. Friday, to meet with his Dominican par Leonel Fernandez, who’ll receive who him in the National Palace.


The Honduran president arrived at the Las Americas International Airport where he was received by the Presidency’s Chief of staff, Cesar Pina Toribio, Investigations Department vice director Victor Crispin and Foreign Relations Ministry personnel.


Zelaya will travel from Costa Rica, after the failed meeting with president de facto Robert Micheletti, and that country’s president Oscar Arias as mediator.


It was reported that Fernandez will receive Zelaya with military honors in the National Palace, prior to the formers departure on a 10 day tour of the Middle East.

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Guest human_*

I hope so "Red". Because other countries ARE analyzing our President, and they are also detecting that when it comes to foreign policy? Barack, and Hillary really are clueless.


Those two are destabilizing Latin America because they don't know what they are doing.


Don't worry Human. Obama's supporters are starting to see the TRUTH.
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