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Madden 2004 Has Arrived!!!


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Madden 2004, the best selling football franchise has been released recently and it is GOOD! I have personally had a chance to test the game out and let me tell you that its gameplay is much better than that of NFL2K5. The player animations are all much smoother and the graphics are awesome. I am very satisfied with EA this year. The focus has been on Defense this year with a "Fear the D" theme featuring Ray Lewis on the cover.


It is hard to throw passes now!! The defense is so hard but it is so realistic! Gone are the days of long bombs. I think I have been able to throw one long bomb successfully. Many minor adjustements were amde the game as well. In the franchise mode you can now create your own custom fan!!! I think this is a pretty neat feature.


So football fans if you want the most authentic and realistic game go pick up your copy of Madden 2004. If you cant afford to get it then go for NFL2K5. Otherwise you cant go wrong with Madden! Although I wish MAdden dropped their price a little too! You can always hope right? :ph34r:





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