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I am trying to get help from my two doctors

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My doctor Gaurang Thaker is my health doctor and he is located at 3411 olawood court Olney md 20832, my doctor Harold I.Eist, md., DLFAPA, FRCP [c], P>A 5515 Grosvenor Lane [office entrance Bethesda, Maryland 20814, I am trying to get my doctors to help me with my health condition and I also need Doctor Gaurang Thaker to give me my medical health records to me. Now Doctor Eist is helping me with my Diagnose that he is sending a letter to DDs saying he told me and Luke that my Diagnose is that I have been Mentally Disabled all my life. I am happy that things are moving forward, one step at a time and I hope DDS will look and read my post today. I am a good person and I love people and animals and plants and sports and playing basketball and football and baseball and I love bowling and camping and being with my family and having camp fires at are Christmas tree farm in west virgina and I love helping do Real hard Christmas tree work too for my family and my two best friends that work on the farm. I am a mentally Disabled person and I am doing a great job for my family in DC and my co workers at work. My name is Joseph Knight.

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