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ADC Is Offering a New Program Especcially For The Business Merchants

Who Are Interested In Increasing Their Profits. As a merchant on our

Program We wil Pay You $250.00 per month for rent if you purchase a

package. However, You will only pay $129.00 per month. You Cannot

beat this Deal! The Merchant wil recieve -the 2085 Credit Card

Machine, pen pad, ebt/debit card scanner,check reader,and prepaid in

which yoou will recieve profit from reloads and a usage fee,

increased customer traffic and $1.50 per transaction after the first

500 transactions.


We are also seeking partners for this venture:

1 point of sale package =12,995.00 (if you place the machine)

or 14,995.00 if we find a location for you, or .........for 4 or more

machines totalling $50,000 or more we will negotiate a discount.

in return you will recieve 100% of all revenue until investment is

paid and50% after..................and for all of those interested in

this deal without a legal business we will assist you so that you can

take advantage of this offer.



(there are 250million atm cards in america)

(there are over 12billion atm transactions in america)

(the typical atm averages over 4,200 transactions per month)

(there are over 250,000 atm machines in america, and on average atm

users go to an atm machine approximately 10 times a month,

withdrawing an average of $60 each time.




M.F. FIELDS @ADC.LLC 202-232-2600


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