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“And ye harm none do what you will.“ These are the words we live by. When I


say we, I am talking about all of the people out there that are scared to openly


practice their religion. You may wonder what I mean by that, well I am about to tell


you. I am sure that at one time or another you have heard that witchcraft and


witches were considered bad and evil. Not only were we thought to consort with


Satan, we were believed to bring about disease and inflictions.



Take the witch trials for example, that was a time when people could not and


would not be accepting that people had differences. I have read several books about


that part of history. My opinion about the incidences is that not much has changed


in this day and age. Back then people wanted what their neighbors had or they got


mad at them for bruising their pride, and they found this as a means for revenge.



First you have the Inquisition. This was a time in history that religion comes into


the picture. You have some men telling everyone what religion to practice and that


the religions that they have been practicing for centuries is all Satan worshiping


because it is not the religion that they believe in. What’s up with that? Then if you


continued to practice your religion you were imprisoned and tortured until you


converted to their way of thinking .




With the Salem witch trials, it all started when some young girls got mad.


Whatever their reason they decided to get back at that person, so they accused her


of being a witch. That was just the beginning. If you have ever read


anything about that time, you would find that any person accused of being a witch


had all their belongings confiscated. The accuser was rewarded with it. I think that


once the accusers found that out they went on an accusing spree. The sad thing is


that the persons being accused had never practiced witchcraft. They only confessed


because the torturous tests to prove they were indeed witches had become too much


for them to handle.




So you can see why we are somewhat hesitant to let anyone know


what we believe in. We do not believe in Satan, to us there is no such thing. I


personally think that it was something made up so people could justify the


things they did wrong. We do believe in the fact that there is a higher being,


however we believe in that there is more than one.



Of course you have the History we were taught in school. The parts on the


inquisition do not bring up anything about witchcraft. I personally don’t remember


anything in the history textbooks about the Salem witch trials. Come on now that


was a part of our history and yet we are ignorant about it all.



All over the world there are people who practice it and believe in it. They have


been using it in everything that they do. Even now there are things that all religions


do that have stemmed from this religion. So why are we so afraid of coming out of


the closet so to speak. I’ll tell you why. For centuries we have been afraid that the


indecencies that happened long ago will happen once again. So we continue to keep


our beliefs to ourselves. Although there are some of us who are much more


braver than others. We are still afraid of what could happen again.



So after that brief history lesson I will continue enlightening you on the religion


of Wicca. Just so you know, these are my personal beliefs on my religion and not


everyone has the same beliefs. I for one center my beliefs on a more nature based


way of life. I know that each person has power within himself or herself to make things


happen. This is something we see every day. Some people have money and are very


happy. While others may be poor and they are happy to. In short we are the cause


of our lives going the way they are. Only you can bring about changes in your life.



For example have you ever wanted something so badly, that you would do


whatever you had to get it. Of course you have, some people go about getting it in


different ways. I know that there have been things that I have wanted and I had to


find a way to attain them. In the end if it was something I really wanted and I was


meant to have it then it would be mine.



Even though there are some that say what I do is evil, it really isn’t. You see I


know that there is a passage in the Bible that says something about not suffering a


witch to live. But if you think about it does anyone really know how Jesus turned


water into wine , fed all those people and healed them. Moses, he parted the Red


sea and made all those things happen in Egypt with a staff. How different is that


from using a wand or doing a spell. It is nothing but harnessing the power within to


bring about changes.



I know that some people claim to be able to manifest things. I have never


seen or heard of anything actually being manifested other than spirits. The one thing


that really gets me is that some people actually believe that we do ritual sacrifices.


Come on people, with all the crime and murder, why would we want to add to it?


Well we don’t but there are some people and groups that believe in Satan and are


into those types of things. I will be the first to say those people are crazy. They call


themselves witches, but their not.






If you think about all the facts that prove some form of witchcraft was used all


throughout history. Native Americans had Shamans. All over the world different


groups have healers of some type or another. There are books that tell


you about the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans that did actually perform ritual sacrifices.


There are tribes in Africa and other parts of the world that practice magic of some


form or another.



So I ask you, why is it so hard for people in this world to understand that magic


does exist and it isn’t a form of evil? I know that this way of life for me has brought


some really interesting questions and concerns up. People should focus more on the


problems this world is facing now. Preserve our planet for future generations, instead


of fighting for control and destroying the world we live in.



There is no way to change the way people think about Witchcraft. We can


only hope that people reeducate themselves on the truth and not on what is


passed down to them. I can only pray that this world still exists for the future


generations. That people can be less biased about things they don’t understand.


Believe me any of us would be willing to help bring about more understanding. The


way things are going now. I fear that our world will cease to exist, then where would


we be?

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