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“When I got this letter, I said, ‘yeah, sure! And pitched it. Then later I remembered hearing that skepticism breeds failure while believing leads to success. So I rescued the letter, typed a fresh mailing list and sent them out. Thank heavens I did! In a few months, I paid all my bills and cut up my credit cards, as I didn’t need them. I love buying what I need (or want) without paying any interest!” - R. Slegerot



1. Immediately send $1.00 to each of the six names listed and request that they email you the eBook with the same number next to their name. Example, send $1 to the number 2 person and request the eBook “Affiliate Programs 101." In order to receive any money in the mail legally, you must be selling something. This is a step that makes the system legal! Remember to include your email address in your letter! Do not join any list that send payments through PayPal. Your account will be shut down for several months since it breaks their rules!


Name Address



1. Jana Royal 2027 Galveston Street Grand Prairie, TX 75051


2. Daniel Davis 1135 High Ave. Apt. G Oshkosh, WI 54901


3. Trevor meier 890 W Germania Ave Murray, UT 84123


4. Dallas Shultz 122 Manning Ridge Dr Sevierville, TN 37876


5. William Kordsmeier 3800 Perrin-Central Blvd Apt 913 San Antonio, TX 78217


6. Dale Davis 5389 Circus Ln El Paso, Tx 79912


Do not alter!


1. “eBook Authoring”


2. “Affiliate Programs 101"


3. “Starting an Online Business”


4. “Make More Money”


5. “Money with Online Surveys”


6. “Protect Kids Online”



2. Copy/ paste this letter into a word processor.


3. Take the #1 name and address off the list. Leaving the eBooks in the same positions.


4. Move all names and their addresses UP ONE POSITION. Example: #2 becomes #1, #6 becomes #5 and so on.


5. Put your name and address in the #6 position.


6. Once you have received all the eBooks, begin emailing a copy of this letter to as many people as you can. You can also log on to GOOGLE or YAHOO and using their search engine type in moneymaking message board or business opportunity, running, biking, skiing, hiking message boards...Etc. Basically any type of message board you can think of. Post the new copy of the letter with your name in the 6 spot to as many of these boards as you can.


7. You may also send this letter through the mail. Purchase a mailing list of name from DATA LINE. Specify that you want names of OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS. They sell a list of 200 names for only $40.00. The best part is , the names come on self adhesive addressed labels that you stick right on the envelope. Call 1-800-497-2912. The company excepts MasterCard, Visa, and checks by phone. By sending letters, you will have an even higher success rate, usually around 8% of those who receive a letter respond. This makes letters by far the most affective but also the most costly.


8. The very best ways to get the word out is through a webpage. For $2.99 you can have a webpage made for you just like this one with your name in the #6 position. With a webpage, you can advertise all over the Internet for pennies on the dollar. You can direct people to your webpage through emails, message boards, banner ads, popup's and more. The possibilities are endless. Click the 'buy now' button below to purchase your own webpage now.


9. DO NOT alter the names of the people who are listed next to each report, or their sequence on the list, in any way other than what is instructed in steps “1 through 5” or you will lose out on a majority of your profits. Once you understand the way this works, you will also see how it does not work if you change it. Remember, this method has been tested, and if you alter it, it will NOT work!!! People have tried to put their friends/relatives names on all five thinking they could get all the money. But it does not work this way. Believe us, we have seen many who have tried to be greedy and then nothing happened. So DO NOT try to change anything other than what is instructed. Because if you do, it will not work for you. Remember, honesty reaps the reward!!!


10. Do not use a similar program that uses PayPal. They will close down your account for several months since it breaks one of their rules. I had this happen to me!


11. Now, just wait for the money to come in! Be sure to email the eBooks to all who request it.


The Numbers:

When you send out 5000 emails, 200 letters or 20 posts, 15 people send you $1.00 $ 15.00


Those 15 people mail out 5000 emails, 200 letters or 20 posts, 225 people send you $1.00 $ 225.00


Those 225 people mail out 5000 emails, 200 letters or 20 posts, 3,375 people send you $1.00 $ 3,375.00


Those 3,375 people mail out 5000 emails, 200 letters or 20 posts, 50,625 people send you $1.00 $50,625.00


Those 50,625 people send out 5000 emails, 200 letters or 20 post, 759,373 people send you $1.00 $759,373.00

Total $813,615.00


In other words, all you need to do is get 15 people to send you $1. That is it! They will do the rest! I have had people who joined my list and went crazy with it. Some send hundreds of thousands of emails. Some paid for banner ads, popup's etc. I made me a lot of money from them and did nothing! That is the beauty of it. You will be amazed with the response you will get.


Just do this NOW! This will only cost $5. I guarantee you will get your money back. You may just have someone join your list that will do most of the work for you! I know I have made a lot of people on the list I joined a lot of money. So what are you waiting for?

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Make Money with your PayPal account as shown on Oprah! "A little while back, I

was browsing through news groups and came across an article similar to this that said you could make thousands of dollars

within weeks with only an initial investment of $6.00!

So I thought, "Yeah right, this must be a scam", but like most of us,I was curious, so I kept reading. Anyway, it said that you send only $1.00 to each

of the 6 email addresses stated in this article. You then place your name and address at the bottom of the list at the # 6th position and

post this message on online message boards/emails. So after thinking it over, I thought about trying it.I figured "what have I got to lose except $6.00, right?" So I invested

the measly $6.00 Well GUESS WHAT!! Here are the 3 easy steps to success:

REQUIREMENTS: You must have a verified PayPal account. If you do not have an


take a few minutes to join Paypal FREE: www.paypal.com

Paypal is 100% secure and is used by millions of people worldwide.

The Internet's most trusted Internet banking system for your future


When creating your Paypal account make sure you use the same Email


as your user name in the list below so people can send money to your




once you have a PayPal account running, use Paypal to pay $1 USD to EACH of the 6 Email Addresses below because you

pay people with an email address in Paypal.


1. Log in to PayPal. Go to SEND MONEY tab.

2. Type in Recipients name: (Email address)

Subject:: "EMAIL LIST"




4. Send Money.


What you are doing is creating a service.


You are requesting a legitimate service and you are paying for it!

Send $1USD to EACH of these Email addresses:










Now,... AFTER paying $1USD to each of the email addresses above, take the #1

Email Address off the list, move the other Email Addresses up (6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, etc.) and add Your Email

Address as number 6 on the list.


Keep this article as close to the original as possible. Post this

article to at least 200 newsgroups (there are thousands of groups).

And email your message to as many people you can. Remember, the more

you post and email the more money you make! For example you log onto

any search engine like yahoo.com,google.com,altavista.com,excite.com

then you search with subject like ? millionaire message board? or

money making message board? or employment message board,or money

making discussions?, or money making forums,? or business message

board? etc.

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