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Guest Eat Spam

From: "Eusman Michel Robert"<eusmanmichelrobert@live.com>

Reply-To: <eusmanmrobert@yahoo.com.hk>





Dear Friend,


I write to solicit your assistance in the execution of a transaction of Mutual benefit, I work for a Bank as an independent auditor, during my last auditing activities in one of the banks I realized an unclaimed safe deposit of 29,528,000 (twenty-nine Million Five Hundred and Twenty Eight Thousand Dollars) in their security vault department.


Further investigation on my part led to the fact that these safe deposit actually belong to nobody as it was originally prepared in error as an over draft payment for a contract executed since 1990, since that time these funds has been unclaimed.


With my influence I am very confident that I can present you as the suppose beneficiary of this safe deposit which would be released to you for the benefit of the two of us, be rest assured that all legal documentations would be strictly complied with making this transaction risk free.


Should you be willing to assist me in this transaction, so I can further inform you on how we intend to carry out this transaction, the funds shall be shared 50/50 between the two of us at the completion of this transaction.


I await your urgent response.




Eusman Michel Robert

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