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Selecting the Right Tree

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When selecting a tree to plant, consider:


Is there enough space for the tree to grow?


How much space is available for the tree when it reaches its mature height, width and depth?


Look at nearby buildings, trees, plants, sidewalks and roads that may not allow the tree to grow tall and wide as it matures.

Check for overhead and underground utilities.


How much sunlight is available for the new tree? Is the tree shade tolerant or shade intolerant? A tree that is shade tolerant doesn’t mind competition from other trees and buildings. A tree that is shade intolerant needs full sunlight to grow properly.


Do you want a fast growing or slowing growing tree? A fast-growing tree will fill a vacant spot more quickly. A slow-growing tree to replace an older tree when it matures and dies or becomes too big for the site.


Is there enough water available at the site for the new tree? Once established, native trees are considered more adaptable to Maryland’s climate conditions.

What is the purpose of the tree? Beauty, shade, wildlife habitat, increased property value, reducing erosion? Consider the color of the leaves in the spring and fall, flower shapes, and bark texture.

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