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Republican governor for sale (South Carolina)

Guest lostinsc1

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Guest lostinsc1

Here in South Carolina we have a governor who wants to turn down the stimulus funds for education. We are not happy about this, but, heck, apparently there are people out there who admire this guy.


So, if you and your state want this guy, you give us your stimulus money and we'll give you Mark Sanford.


This deal is contingent on the following:


- A majority of the voters in South Carolina must agree that they'd rather have stimulus funds than Mark Sanford (and that's practically a given); and


- A majority of the voters in your state must agree that they would rather have Mark Sanford than their stimulus funds.(That one's up to you.)


Please let us know when you have held a referendum on this matter. The Governor will go to the bidding state with the most stimulus money offered.


Location: South Carolina


HE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lgjxrSO6xQ

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