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I think the Redskins will have a great season


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The 2009 NFL season is coming soon. I think we will have a good season and make it to the playoffs. I hope we go all the way and become world champions of the NFL. Luke and Jenna and baby Luke and I are true super fans of the Washington Redskins. We want to beat the Cowboys twice this year. If that happens the fans of the nation of the Redskins and us will be happy this year. We will have a great season and beat all our arch rivals in the NFC East this 2009 NFL season .

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I can't wait for the season to begin either. We had a lot of signings in the offseason and with the addition of draft picks should have a decent shot at the playoffs. The only problem is that every team in our division got better. The Redskins are loaded at certain positions with stud players but as a team we still have holes (offensive line, defensive ends???).


All that being said, I am a true fan so all I can think about is a strong start and playoff run. Go Skins!

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As long as we beat Dallas the season is a success.

I agree with you 100 percent that we will beat the hell out of the Dallas Cowboys this season and have a Decent shot at the playoffs and maybe the Super bowl title too. All of us that our true Die hard super Redskins fans will have a great season in 2009.

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