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Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program with China

Guest Calvina Dupre

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Guest Calvina Dupre

The Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program with the People's Republic of China (SCEP) supports international exchanges that promote agricultural development and economic growth, and mitigate animal and plant health issues that impede trade. This unique program offers excellent opportunities for U.S. teams of up to 5 members to initiate linkages with potential long-term collaborators at Chinese institutions throughout the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Under a special USDA Scientific Technological Exchange Agreement with the PRC, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture specifically tailors two-week visits to China to meet the scientific objectives of each team. U.S. teams are responsible only for their international airfare to and from China. In 2006, the SCEP will accept proposals for food safety, animal and plant health, agricultural biotechnology and other emerging technologies, food and non-food product development, and sustainable plant and animal production, and natural resources management.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit the printed copies of the application through overnight mail or delivery service to ensure timely receipt by the USDA. The address for hand-delivered applications or applications submitted using an express mail or overnight courier service is:



1400 Independence Avenue, SW

Room 3224 South Building

Ag Stop1031

Washington, DC 20250-1031

Telephone: (202) 690-1866

Email: Khaliaka.Meardry@fas.usda.gov

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