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Theory should become practice incase of God


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Theory should become practice incase of God


The theoretical part consisting of knowledge and devotion expressed in words should lead to action or practice. This practical part or action called as Datta alone gives the fruit. This action is sacrifice (Daanam), which may be donation of work (Karma Sanyasa) or donation of fruit of work (Karma Phala Thyaga) or both together. Therefore, Datta is the final God, who gives the fruit to you, because action alone can give you the fruit directly.


Datta is famous for tests. Without the test, the certificate cannot be given. The knowledge learnt by you through out the academic year is Jnana Yoga. The inspiration or concentration in learning is Bhakthi Yoga. The preaching forms the words. All these three constitute the part of theory. In the end of the year, writing the examination is the action. Therefore, Datta is the action through examination before giving you the fruit. He is the final and ultimate form of God to give any divine fruit. If you understand Datta in the internal sense in this way, you will be really benefited in your spiritual efforts.

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