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Why God created imaginable and unimaginable items?


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Why God created imaginable and unimaginable items?


What is the reason for the God to create both imaginable and unimaginable items? The imaginable is created only to give the relative individual identity of the unimaginable entity. The presence of night gives the relative identity of the day. If everything is made unimaginable, there is no identity of the very existence of unimaginable nature. By this, God wanted the human beings to recognize the existence of unimaginable nature in the creation, which indicates the unimaginable God. The analysis of creation in the deepest plane exhibits the unimaginable nature and this point is realized by all the scientists. This unimaginable nature forming the deepest plane becomes the ultimate basis or substratum of the Universe.


Therefore, the creation is said to be supported or maintained by the unimaginable God. The boundary of this creation is beyond our vision and imagination and thus becomes unimaginable. Such boundary is beyond our scope of the imaginable extent of the Universe. Such boundary can be concluded as the unimaginable boundary existing beyond Universe or Creation. Therefore, we say that the unimaginable God is beyond creation and not at all present in the imaginable extent of the creation. Hence Veda is discarding every imaginable item of the core of the creation existing in the imaginable extent not to be God (Neti Neti….). Gita also says the same (Mamebhyah Paramavyayam). This unimaginable God expressed Himself as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva by entering the three created energetic forms. The three forms of the energy – medium are one and the same because the constituting material is energy only. There may be some difference in the forms. The inner absolute God is also one and the same.

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