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Meaning of Spiritual Knowledge, Devotion and Service


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Meaning of Spiritual Knowledge, Devotion and Service


Jnanam, Gaanam, Dhyanam and Daanam should be clearly understood on this day. Jnanam is the spiritual knowledge related to intelligence (Buddhi) represented by God Brahma. Gaanam is the expression of knowledge and devotion related to words (Vaak) represented by God Vishnu. Dhyanam is the devotion or meditation related to mind (Manas) represented by God Shiva. Daanam is the donation or service related to action (Karma) represented by God Datta. The first three constitute the theory and the last constitutes the practice. Theory should lead into practice.


This point is represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva becoming Datta by union before the sage Atri. It is also said that Atri got three sons : 1)Chandra representing Brahma, 2)Dattatreya representing Vishnu and 3)Durvasa representing Shiva. It is further said that the middle Dattatreya or the form of Vishnu attracted Brahma and Rudra into Him and became the God representing the three forms. The concept of this story is that the middle form, word, indicates both knowledge and devotion for expression. If we understand the stories in the light of concepts, it will be useful for our spiritual effort (Sadhana). It is also said that the original God Datta is expressed in three divine forms i.e., Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This is also clear in the concept because the action (Karma) representing Datta is basically present in knowledge, word and devotion.

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