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Nationals sign Dunn???


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I just heard a rumor that the Washington Nationals have reached a deal with free agent Adam Dunn. If this is true, it is huge news for a team that desperately needs power in the line-up.


Dunn has hit at least 40 home runs each of the past five seasons. In 1,131 games, Dunn has 278 home runs.


Has anyone else heard this? Is it true? I know that one player will not fix the Nationals problems but signing a semi-high profile guy has to be a good start. Now we need to go out and sign another bat and at least two starting pitchers.

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Its now official, the Washington nationals signed Adam Dunn to a 2-year, $20-million dollar contract. Hopefully he can help improve last years 100+ loss team. Now the only problem is figuring out where to play him.


Dunn can either play in the outfield (we already have Kearns, Willy Moe, Dukes, and Miledge) or firstbase (Nick Johnson) so someone is going to have to take a back seat for our new left handed power bat.


I wonder who will get the ax???

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