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Veda says that no trace of food shall be wasted


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Veda says that no trace of food shall be wasted


Only Veda, the word of God, is authority.


Today is Naga Chaturthi. People are pouring the milk in the abode of snake, which is wasted in the soil. Milk is complete food. God created food to feed the human beings so that they become energetic to worship God. If you are wasting it, you are insulting God. Veda says that no trace of food shall be wasted (Annam na parichaksheeta…). You are doing against Veda, which is the constitution written by God. A Sanskrit verse written by a human being cannot be authority. Only Veda, the word of God, is authority.


Nowhere in Veda is this practice mentioned. Pour the milk in the hungry stomach (potta) of a devotee or a beggar instead of wasting it by pouring in snake’s abode (putta). After drinking the milk, you will become energetic to remember and praise the king of snakes (Adisesha), who was born as Lakshmana and served Rama, the contemporary human incarnation. You will be tested in your faith in your service. Lakshmana left his wife for fourteen years and served Rama, who was with His wife. Rama showed intensive love for His wife by weeping continuously in her separation. Still Lakshmana did not feel anything for the separation of His wife and concentrated only in the search of Rama’s wife. This is acid test. You are leaving Maya to worship God, but God appears to you associated with the same Maya! You have to identify Him embedded in the Maya rejected by you and maintain the full faith on Him! If you can understand this concept of Lakshmana, today, you have performed this festival successfully in the real sense.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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